Christina Zotti Massage  - Rehabilitative & Therapeutic Massage
Every one of us walks around on planet Earth with stress. Stress from work, from other people, from grieving, because of financial issues and living in a high-energy and often chaotic city.
This stress builds in our bodies. Soon, it affects our mental state, creating feelings of anxiety, fatigue, and even causing headaches.
Every day we still have to put on a brave face, enter the work force, and live our lives.
The stress tightens the muscles even more, compressing on our nerves and slowing down and decreasing our blood and oxygen flow.
We end up in doctor's offices being prescribed medications or self-medicating with over the counter medications. These help for a while until we have to take more.The cycle goes round and round and the stress in the body and mind persist.
This stress is what I call the "Suit of Armor' that we wear and carry with us almost all the time. Sometimes it manifests even in our sleep. i.e. TMJ, Restless Leg Syndrome, etc.
What I do is help to strip away your "Suit of Armor". I create a safe, peaceful and relaxing environment that immediately relaxes your mind and body.
Through  questioning and understanding of your lifestyle, I use my education and my 15 years of experience to create a balanced, healthier you.
I work with your body to figure out the right degree of pressure to be applied that is not painful but stretches your muscles.
My head, heart and hands work together to find the root of tension and tightness.

Massage Menu  
  • Swedish/Circulatory Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
If you are new to massage and unsure of which treatment is right for you, I can help you decide.
Contact me today at 818-634-5394 

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